Document Necessity

The doc is a special behavior regulator for the ervice and customers. It’s an obligatory agreement which has to regulate the app and site usage. The doc is a legal instrument. It must be consented by all users. It consists of rules for both parties.

Please, read each item. Think about responsibility and try to understand if you’re ready to do everything according to this doc.

Our company is mentioned as “We” or the “Service”, and a user is “You”.

Terms Of Use

The existing doc becomes valid since You enter and start looking through the site. We consider that the rules are accepted, in case You open it. But if You don’t like any of those items, just exit the site. You prove that all the rules are respectable in case You’re still using it.

Offers And Services

We are the copywriting service providers. The Service experts get various orders and write texts for customers. They respect all directions and compose papers like it’s mentioned in instructions. This doc doesn’t regulate relations between You and writers.

The existing site can be looked through for info purpose without any restriction. You can do it for free. But any other purpose should be researched and regulated by a specific doc.

Editors and proofreaders assist You too. Papers should be downloaded. Our specialists will execute this task too.

Order Placement

The procedure is extremely simple. Just find the register form and fill it with necessary data. It’s great, if customers give us more info. It’is easier to fulfill a task. Of course, our experts ask customers for other materials in case they need it. They keep all directions. Personal info is kept in a safe place and secured by the Privacy Policy.

You’re informed about each level of order execution.

We have special options for customers. They can be chosen by any customer:

  • VIP service for customers (extra features are accesable for You);
  • preferred writer;
  • plagiarism report;
  • abstract page;
  • table of contents/outline;
  • sources;
  • editor check.

The “Referred Writer” option has a few items:

  • Regular writer;
  • TOP writer (the most experienced specialist will execute your task). This feature costs more than a regular one;
  • My previous writer;
  • Advanced regular writer.

The cost is set according to the assignment type, deadline and other features.

Payment And Fees

We warn you that the cost is changed sometimes. Check the price of our offers on the web site. Some features need an extra payment.

Prices don’t include VAT. But they do, in case You transfer a payment via European Union.

Your fee may be changed. You’re allowed to cancel an order in case You haven’t paid yet.

Sometimes we save your money as a credit. It’s very comfortable. You can use this credit in future.

Order Execution

A result is available in your individual cabinet when it’s executed. Download it and look through it. In case You didn’t make claims during 14 days after a paper has been delivered, we consider it as an approved one.

30 % of content may be changed, if You ask editors to check it.

Warranties And Refunds

You agree with the doc and warrant that:

  • You saw and got each item;
  • The info from your material is going to be used correctly and cited;
  • You understand and agree that freelancers fulfill your orders. They give us ownership;
  • You agree that we take payment for our services;
  • You won’t use or modify info from this site without our permission;
  • You have to destroy all materials, if they’re no longer needed. You’re obliged to cite all papers in case of usage;
  • All texts are sent to You for non-commercial usage;
  • You’ll give us all the needed info.

Our warranties:

  • intellectual property rights let us send You papers. We permit to use them;
  • The plagiarism level should be less than 10 %;
  • We keep instructions;
  • We provide total research for task execution;
  • The Service access may be forbidden without warning.

There’s a special money refund policy. You can get back up to 100 % of payment.

Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights are ours. Money is paid for task fulfillment, but not for paper ownership.

Acceptable Use

Received papers can’t be resold for money or used on non-research purpose. You can’t do any harm to us by paper usage. Those papers aren’t used for legal advise.

Referral Program

It’s nice in case You decide to recommend the Service to somebody else. We appreciate it and have a special discount program for such customers.


Communication procedures are regulated by special rules. We strictly follow them and ensure you will have trustful support.

Limitation Liability

The Service isn’t liable to You in those cases:

  • the result of a text presentation isn’t desirable for You;
  • your efforts to memorize or get a text are vain;
  • You didn’t get a satisfying impress from a text;
  • You used a paper incorrectly.

Final Provisions

The represented doc confirms a total understanding between parties. The rules are accepted and followed.