Privacy Policy Usefulness

Privacy Policy is an integral part of our practice. It’s the instrument, which regulates our relationships with customers. It also includes items like website usage, provision and behavior control. The existing agreement is valid since you enter the site. The individual data is protected by this document and its rules. It means that you enter any page of the web resource freely. That’s when we start considering you agree for data processing. Both sides have various rights and duties to each other. There is a special list of rules and items which make you legally bound. In case there are problems with one of them, don’t keep using our web site. Moreover, don’t place any orders. Why does somebody have to agree with something unacceptable?

We’d like you to read essential items from this doc to get the idea of our policy.

What’s Privacy Policy?

This specific doc is the agreement, which should be consented in case a user wants to use this site in future. All it’s items and rules will be applied to this person as long as he/she will get advantages of it. Sometimes you’re asked to consent with the document again later.

In case a user doesn’t want to agree with our rules, the site usage is illegal. There’s a special warning from us to leave it.

Main Rules

The main goal of this resource is to give customers competent support and high quality. But we still ask people to identify themselves. This procedure is simple and it doesn’t need much time to be wasted. Off course, everybody hurries up and doesn’t want to give any personal info. But you’ll understand that this procedure is really needed. Besides, it’s much easier to work with us in future.

We get some data when you enter the site. This process should make usage easier for people.

When you accept all the rules and items, you confirm that we process your info legally. Besides, it means that your data is relevant and correct. Sometimes we get additional personal info:

  • when you complete forms and inquiries;
  • during our communications;
  • when you’ve to identify yourself.

Your info is also observable for us when you:

  • investigate the site;
  • look at your history or orders;
  • use cookies etc.

We’ll never ask you about those aspects:

  • religion;
  • your native ethnic group;
  • political preferences;
  • intimate life;
  • mental health etc.

The Received Data When You Enter The Site

There’s a specific type of info we get, when you enter the web site with your browser. It doesn’t let us find or identify you. Here’s what we get:

  • the characteristics of your browser;
  • time when your entered the site;
  • your operating system.

This kind of info helps us to find the way to the existing web source improvement.

Share This Info With Us While Making An Order

You may meet some questions when you want to become the site user. So, this type of information we get during this process:

  • phone number;
  • email address;
  • payment data;
  • ID info or driver’s license data.

We want to have your communication means data because some notifications may be sent to you. You’d like to know your order status or see unread messages etc.


We are open and accessible for users. If you think we save information incorrectly, just connect with the team. The problem will be removed or fixed immediately. Rely on our support team, if you found out that we somehow infringed your rights.  You may also ask us to send back your personal info. It’s not a problem for us. If a user wants to know what kind of data we have.


We and our technical support do everything what’s needed to prevent your personal data sharing. The system is protected from other parties. Our staff is professionally trained to be ready to keep info.

The existing doc may be changed without any notifications and warnings.