Our Prices

The service prices still surprise the majority of customers. We made a specific cost system, which is acceptable for everybody. You are offered to see that each assistance type has an appropriate price. Besides, we consider each assignment type, your option choice, writer level etc. It’s not a secret that our team provided a huge research for the price scale determination. We desired to satisfy needs of each person, who wants to get help. The price scale isn’t the last point of our payment policy. There’s a specific discount system, which really saves cash.

Customers choose various currencies for payment. It’s extremely comfortable for people who live abroad. Prices are represented on the site.

VAT Isn’t In The Price

VAT is a special fee, and it’s not added to our prices. Don’t wait for any surprise! It won’t be added even after you’ve made an order. But there’s an exception in this story. Everybody knows that the service is appreciated by customers from all over the world. So, our Europe customers will get prices with the VAT. It’s included in a cost of their orders. And let us explain the system. Europeans pay in a currency which differs from US dollar. They transfer money via their banking systems, which add VAT to each service and product cost.

Prices in various international currencies are represented on the site. They are changed sometimes due to European Central Bank rates. Only prices, which come in dollars, are stable. Note that VAT isn’t accounted in case a customer wants to return his/her money.

Loyalty Program

We couldn’t miss an opportunity to please our customers. Off course, a special bonus system is created for them. You just make an order and receive bonuses, which can be wasted on some other orders. This procedure is extremely simple, and rules are understandable. Read those tips and take advantage of the program:

  • register and become the site user;
  • place an order and add directions;
  • make your payment and get bonuses;
  • transfer received bonuses to the Individual Balance;
  • pay for a next assignment with bonuses.

The program is appreciated by everybody. Sometimes bonuses are kept for future. In the end there can be enough money to pay for several papers. It means that those pages will be totally free. What’s better? You won’t find another place with such benefits! Save budget with us!

Discount System

It’s an important part of our pricing policy. We want customers to be happy. Great discounts and outstanding service quality are just what they need. Everybody has a real risk to get the best price from us! It depends on the volume of an order. Here’s our discount policy:

  • get 10 % off in case your assignment price is more than 1000 USD;
  • get 5 % off in case your assignment price is more than 500 %.

There are also special discount promo codes. Notice that we can’t give it to you, if your assignment price is less than 30 USD. It’s a pity, but it’s true.

A customer can’t combine discounts. Besides, they aren’t refundable.