Money Back Guarantee

We want to create a special and comfortable place for customers. That’s why we do everything to satisfy their needs. Everybody is worried about money. It’s clear, because you give a part of your budget and want to have a guarantee that everything will be OK. We prepared an outstanding money option for our customers. You won’t believe, but you still can get your paid sum back. But consider that your money will be transferred to a valid account.

Read those special rules and find out which sum can be got:

  1. We give you 100 % refund in those cases:
  • a trouble has happened and you paid twice. If there are two duplicate orders, we return cash too. But we have to be informed at once after one of those situations have happened. Money can’t be returned, if a writer is selected and assigned;
  • sometimes we can’t find an appropriate expert. Yes, it’s a disappointing problem. In this case we give your money back too;
  • you don’t need this text anymore because a deadline hasn’t been kept. Off course, no one would like to pay for a spoiled task. You get you cash but don’t have the right to use a ready part of that essay. We don’t send that material at all.
  1. You get 70 % of your payment because:
  • less than half of a deadline period has already passed. A writer has started to execute your order and we have to pay for this job. It would be unfair to leave an expert without payment for his/her efforts.
  1. We return 50 % of your money in case:
  • revision can’t be fulfilled because we can’t find a writer;
  • a writer is already fulfilling an order, and more than a half of deadline period has passed.

If the procedure of money is started, you don’t have rights to use a written text. Actually no one has, because we never use papers from other orders. It’s a strict rule of our company.

In case a customer gets an order and sends it for a revision, we consider that it’s satisfying for him/her. It means that 100 % cash refund is impossible.

Payment refund isn’t generated in those cases:

  • it’s not your own money, but a credit;
  • because of VAT;
  • extras of VIP service and provided discounts;
  • it’s proved those all your order instructions have been kept;
  • top expert, plagiarism detection, abstract, used resources, content table;
  • “Approve” button has been pressed;
  • there are some cases, when you can get a part of your payment. Such assignments as multiple choice question and problem solutions are rather special. If writer’s answers aren’t always correct, you get a determined credit. A decision comes after a problem investigation.

We hope that those rules will really help you to understand the specificity of the service. Money back guarantee is a huge plus for the company. We want our customer to be satisfied on each stage of order processing. Besides, it is one of our advantages. Only a few companies can promise to return your money. Your budget won’t be harmed at all. Just trust the service and forget about all your money and paper challenges. They don’t exist anymore. This special policy is extremely essential for students during their academic period.